A Strong Support System to Grow Your Franchise

We are a people-first company, as passionate about inspiring our franchise owners as we are about the kind of food we serve. We want you to live your absolute best lives via healthier food and a lifestyle you love.



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    Premium Training and Support for You and Your Konala Team

    At Konala, we are eager to share our commitment to delicious, healthier food and smart business practices with you. Wait until you see how simple it is!

    Initial In-Person Training:
    You and your manager will be invited to our flagship location in Idaho for 12 days of training, both in the classroom and in the kitchen. Walk in as friends, walk out as confident business owners, and then walk into the corporate gym and work out with us!

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    Location Start-Up Guidance:
    Our team will provide guidance and direction as you seek out space to place your pre-constructed, steel-built modular buildings, or when you move into an existing space you’ve chosen for your new Konala location.

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    Onsite Training:
    We want to celebrate with you! For your grand opening, the Konala franchise development team will join you onsite at your location for five days to make sure you and your team are up and running comfortably, and with confidence!

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    Rely on Dedicated Leadership Team:
    Our founding team is experienced, knowledgeable, and ready to show you the ropes! There has never been a mission more important to us than providing healthier, delicious, freshly prepared daily food for people on the go.

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    Comprehensive Documentation and Technology Platforms:
    Our confidential operations manual details the important – and simple! — aspects of running your restaurant. And if you don’t find the answer you are looking for, call us direct so we can help.

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    Ready to Adopt Marketing Guidance:
    We’ll guide you as you plan your promotional campaigns to members of the local community. They will be so excited to hear about the delicious bowls, salads, sides, and refreshing beverages available right around the corner!

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    …and so much more!

    Helping You Support Your Team

    Did you know that the buildings, ventilation, combi-ovens, and all cooking and holding equipment have all been added to our franchise model with the intention of giving your staff a more comfortable place to work? A happy team for you and your customers makes the difference in a business like ours.

    Every detail of this franchise business was designed for simplicity. Anyone can run this business, but not just anyone will understand our culture.






    If this sounds like you, then we should talk some more about becoming a franchise owner with Konala.