Got Questions About Our Protein Bowl Franchise? Konala Responds!



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    What experience do I need to become a Konala franchise owner?

    The Konala franchise owner shares our people-first philosophy and is passionate about living a healthier lifestyle. We seek financially qualified candidates who are inspired by our mission to provide healthier fresh food – fast. We are ready to disrupt the fast-food industry in all the right ways.  

    What is provided as part of the Konala franchise program?

    Franchise owners and their managers will spend 12 days at our flagship location in Idaho for comprehensive training on the Konala franchise model, both in the classroom and on the job. When it’s time for the Grand Opening, our team will travel to your location for five days, to make sure you are calm, confident, and excited when you open your doors to your community. Owners will have access to the streamlined, simplified Konala Confidential Operations Manual for daily operations. Our team is available to assist you when you need us. We are always just a call or click away.

    How much will the Konala franchise program cost me?

    The estimated initial investment necessary to begin operations ranges from $382,000
    to $799,000. This includes a $50,000 initial franchise fee. Ask us about our incentive for veterans. As with any new venture, it’s important to have adequate capital to fund the initial business growth stages.

    Is financing available?

    We do not provide direct financing to franchise owners, but we may refer to financing sources on a case-by-case basis.

    Are there ongoing fees to pay?

    We collect a royalty fee equal to 6% of gross revenues. Fees such as these allow us to fund our ongoing support services and the continued development of programs, marketing tools, training programs, recipes, and systems upgrades. For a full list of fees and requirements, please refer to our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

    Are there any advertising fees?

    Franchise owners will be required to spend the greater of 1% or $850 per week on local marketing each month, and $10,000 on their Grand Opening. You will also contribute 2% of gross revenues to the brand marketing fund. Collected funds will be used to develop marketing strategies to promote the Konala brand and cover the creative costs to develop branded marketing materials and campaigns.

    What is the term of the agreement?

    The initial term of your agreement is ten years, with two subsequent successor agreement options of five years each.

    How do I get started?

    If you’re interested in learning more about the Konala Franchise Opportunity, contact us at 208-298-9635 or [email protected]. Let’s discuss setting up a meeting, speaking with our management staff, and receiving our FDD, for all the important details you’ll need to make an informed decision.

    What are the benefits of investing in an emerging brand vs. an established brand?

    With an emerging brand, you get to help set the stage. There are no preconceived ideas from the public, only curiosity. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the brand when you are able to present it to the public.

    Why did you call the brand Konala?

    Konala represents a combination of the names of Trace and Jammie’s two dogs – Kona and Nala. The Konala brand wants to change the world by offering quick and convenient healthier food options that will represent ‘taste’, ‘healthy’ and ‘fast’. As far as the dogs’ names, it just means we are as much a friendly brand as we are a healthy one! We happily offer a healthy chicken treat to dogs brought in by their owners on certain occasions, making it an extra special surprise!